Eydie Gorme Y Trio Los Panchos - It Takes Too Long To Learn To Live Alone chords

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It Takes Too Long (to learn to live alone)
Written by Leon Carr and Robert Allen
Originally Sung by Peggy Lee, Popularised by Eydie Gorme 
Chords by : Ric Dela Cruz

Intro : Dm  G  C  A7

I leave the house 
G                         C
I catch the bus and go to work 
The way I did before. 
The same routine 
Most everyday except I guess 
C                          C7
I see my folks much more. 

A year has passed 
I thought by now that I could make 
Em                A7
A new life of my own 
Dm              G 
But habits are so hard to break 
C                     A7
I think of you  and I still ache 
Dm           G        C            A7                  
It takes too long to learn to live alone.
It's really bad
When Friday comes because I know 
C                  A7
The weekend lies ahead 
Dm                    G
The walks we took the football games 
C                                              C7
And when it rained how late we stayed in bed. 

F                   Bm
I've done so much to change the house 
Em                          A7
The attic's full memories I've  known 
Dm                  G                       
And yet when I turn out the light 
C                  A7
I wait for you to say goodnight 
Dm           G       C           A7                  
It takes too long to learn to live alone. 

Dm               G
I go on dates but when I do 
C                             A7
I always find before the night is through
Dm                           G
The same old thing behind my smile 
C                                               C7
I'm sitting there comparing her/him  to you.
And in the end it's always you 
I  feel it even more when I get home 
Em                A7
I thought that I was free of you 
Dm                    G
But I was wrong I never knew 
C                          A7        G   C 
It takes too long to learn to live alone. (Repeat)
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