Family Force 5 - Zombie chords

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Hi,I figured this song wasn't tabbed so I did,hope it sounds right and it's not to hard 
to play ;)

Intro: Em G F# F

Em      G           F#       F
Airborne, sound the air horn
It's a contagion, invasion, rampaging with no vaccination
Six feet down, coming out of the ground
Looks like it's getting around
It's a virus, apocalyptic,
You won't survive this
You can't predict it, hey!

Chaotic, psychotic
F#              F
Death defying, lifeless logic
It's scary, supernatural
Knock me down, I'm so come-back-able
Not dead, undead, a new creation
Zombie regeneration
Fresh flesh, but I don't need a headshot
Still hot, still rock

Worldwide, infected
I'm back, resurrected
Whole life I remember it fondly
Watch me walk like a zombie

Em             G
Zombie zombie zombie,
F#              F
Zombie zombie zombie,
Em     G
F#        F
Back-back-back-back from the dead

Walk, watch me walk, watch me walk,
Watch me walk like a zombie
G                             F#
Walk, watch me walk, watch me walk,
Watch me walk like a zombie

I'm a zombie, who I want to be
Not a wannabe but a zombie
I know, insanity, unattainable, unchainable
F#             F
Zombie-ance is uncontainable
Run for your-ru-ru-run for your life, what
Bon-Appetite, I got a new appetite
Transformed, be-be-be-be-reborn, uh
F#                  F
Love bites and it's in rare form

then reapeat chorus.
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