Family Force 5 - Color Of Water chords

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Intro: D

Verse 1:
Nothing like the sun,
To keep you from stumbling in the dark
Thought out once or twice,
You figure out where you gotta start
 A                   Bm                  G
All the scars have filled my heart with pain,
 A                   Bm          G
Here you are just to wash it all away

And you set me free.

D   A               G                   D        
A               G
Everyday is like a walk in the park now and I'm feeling like I'm so brand new
D        A            Bb       Bm        G  
   A        D
Love is clear as the color of water and I'm so glad I found You

Verse 2:
Ringing in my ear,
Sounds like someones banging on the door
I hear it loud and clear,
Something I just cant ignore
       A             Bm               G
You stepped into my life when I was blind,
A                      Bm               G
Pulled me out of the wreckage just in time

Now I can see

C        G/B               Bb
So transparent, You are to me,
C           G/B              Bb            G
Were passers by and now I believe


I'm so glad I found You,
Color of water
I'm so glad I found You,
Color of water, Water, Water

- The outro is played the same as the intro so it's basically D throughout the outro.
- I prefer to transpose everything to the key of E because first the verse is kinda low 
to sing but also when you do the chord crawl towards the end of the chorus, it's easier 
to do this (in my opinion) instead of the A > Bb > Bm:
   B       C       C#m
- This ain't perfect so don't hate P:
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