Father John Misty - Bored In The Usa chords

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So the lead into the chorus is a bit off, bite me.

Am                       E
How many people rise and say
             F                               G                Am
My brains so awfully glad to be here for yet another mindless day
Now I've got all morning to obsessively accrue
        F                                          G            Am
A small nation of meaningful objects they've gotta represent me too
                       E       F
By this afternoon Ill live in debt
                G              Am
And by tomorrow be replaced by children

How many people rise and think
Oh good the stranger's body's still here
Our arrangement hasn't changed
Now I've got a lifetime to consider all the ways
I grow more disappointing to you as my beauty warps and fades
I suspect you feel the same
When I was young I dreamt of a passionate obligation to a roommate

   (C)      (Am)             (C)        (F)
Is this the part where I get all I ever wanted
Who said that?
             (G)      Am  F
Can I get my money back?

                  C            G Am      F
I'm just a little bored in the USA
                 C            G Am       F
Oh just a little bored in the USA
Save me white Jesus
C            G Am
Bored in the USA

E                       F
They gave me useless education
                C                   G
And a sub-prime loan on a craftsman home
Keep my prescriptions filled
                    F                      Am  F
And now I can't get off but I can kind of deal

Oh with being bored in the USA
Oh just a little bored in the USA
Save me president Jesus
I'm bored in the USA
How did it happen
Bored in the USA
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