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Fenech-soler - Contender tab

Taken from an acoustic set Fenech-Soler did for "Mahogany Sessions":
Tuning: Standard(EADGBe)
Capo: NO Capo
Strumming patterns-

Verses: 1 downward strum then palm mute,then 3 more
downstrums while only fretting when you strum.

Chorus: Follows a D(then p.muted)UUDU strumming pattern
Verses consist of only 3(2 barre and one open) 
chords played over and over again throughout:

    (Am)*    (F)      (E)

*Am is played for 2 measures*

Note: The E chord is strummed only twice more 
after it is palm muted followed by a little 
picking pattern(tabbed below). It's kind of hard 
to explain but you see it in the video
done after each E chord(watch video to see what I 


Chorus is a little different: 

          Dm                  Am
And you fight like a little Contender

           G                    F 
A broken heart you can never surrender 

             Dm              Am         E(one slow strum)
A thousand kisses return to sender    Oh oh ohh

           Dm                   Am
I want to help and i want to protect ya 

 G                                E(one slow strum)
   But you got your spies telling lies 

            Dm                        Am                 E(one low strum)
Where do you go? You change colours like a tiger in the snow oh oh oh oh oh

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