Fernando Ortega - Through The Fire chords

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Em Em7 C Am G D D4     Em Em7 C Am G Em

Esus4               E
Before you I stand
G                       F
Worn  from the years of waiting
Dm7           C  F  Esus4     E
Broken heart, faded dreams
Asus4              Em
I have not come demanding.                                                   
G                 C9
I've only come to say...

            Em  Em7  C
Through the fi--re   I look to you
    Am  G          D      Dsus4
and I   fall to my knees.
            Em  Em7  C
Through the fi--re   help me to see
Am        G        Em
Your hand reaching to me

Interlude: F C G F E   G  D C  F

Verse 2:

Esus4            E
Search my heart
G                     F
See all that lies within me
You know me well
C    F  Esus4     E
Take my hand.
Asus4                      Em7
Strengthen these feet that stumble.
G                      C9
Wipe the tears from my eyes.

Repeat Chorus Twice
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