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Fernando Ortega - How Deep The Fathers Love For Us tab

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Alright, here's another one that we do that I thought you might enjoy. It's a
powerful hymn, so have some fun with it and sing your heart out.

We play with a Capo 2, but it can be done without it. So wherever you feel
comfortable, go for it. (All chords are relative to the capo)

D                                    Em7  D/F# G
How deep the fathers love  for     us
         D/F#                    Bm7  A
How vast beyond all mea-sure
         D                                Em7 D/F#  G
That He should give his  on--ly       son
         D                               A      D
And make a wretch His trea-sure
          D                           Em7  D/F#  G
How great the pain of sear-ing     loss
         D/F#                   Bm7  A
The Father turns His face  away
       D                                      Em7 D/F#  G
As wounds which mar the Cho-sen     One
            D                      A     D
Bring many son's to glo-ry

  D      G   D     G

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     D                       Em7   D/F#  G     
Behold the Man upon   the     cross 
      D/F#                Bm7    A
My sin upon His shoul-der
    D                             Em7    D/F#  G
Ashamed I hear my mock-ing     voice
        D                          A    D
Call out among the sco-ffers
     D                         Em7  D/F#  G
It was my sin that held  Him   there
    D/F#           Bm7    A
Until it was accom-plished
        D                           Em7       D/F#  G
His dying breath has brought me     life
   D                        A    D
I know that it is fin-ished

   D      G   D     G

   D                          Em7  D/F#   G   
I will not boast in anó-y----thing 
      D/F#                       Bm7   A
No gifts no power no wis--dom
       D                      Em7  D/F#   G
But I will boast in Je---sus     Christ
       D                         A     D
His death and resurrec-tion
          D                     Em7 D/F#  G
Why should I from His    re---ward 
   D/F#                  Bm7   A
I cannot give an an---swer
        D                         Em7  D/F#  G
But this I know with all     my      heart
        D                                     A     D
His wounds have paid my ran-som

Repeat the last four lines twice slowing down as you go.
Thanks and enjoy!
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How Deep The Fathers Love For Us