Foo Fighters - Back And Forth chords

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Song Title: Back and Forth
Artist: Foo Fighters
Album Title: Wasting Light

Intro: F5 F#5 G5 G#5 A5

Verse 1:
Once upon a time I was somebody else
In another life, I saw myself
G                          D
Way back then, back when I was you

Somewhere down the line I started to slip
Years gone by, biting my lip
All the while, all this time I knew

Now your on your own, one for the pages
Over the hill and through the ages
Does my heaven burn like hell on you?

Out beneath the cracks and coming in waves
Rolling like an earthquake under the pavement
Heavy now, tell me Mr.Truth
Pre Chorus:
               A5 G#5 G5 G#5
You got a lot of nerve...
 F                 G
Now show a little backbone why don't you
C    F
I'm lookin' for some back and forth with you
C    F                                  D       F
Are you feeling the same as I do now and now and then?

I'm lookin' for some back and forth with you
Are you feeling the same as I do, Down and out
Verse 2:
Holding my breath I waited and waited
How'd the simple life get so complicated?
G                             D
Shoes to fill, secrets to spill down you

Deer in the headlights, spoke in the wheel
You want pretend I need for real
I'm taking it back, all my IOU's
Chorus x 3
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