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Freddie Stevenson - Easy Now tab

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Freddie Stevenson ~ Easy Now

From his second album, All My Strange Companions.


C#m     [x46654]
G#      [466544]
A       [577655]
E       [022100]
E5      [079900]
E5/C#   [979900]
Bsus2   [799900]
Bsus2*  [797900]
Dmaj7/A [557600] or [557655]

Capo 4 on the album version. All chords relative.
Intro: C#m G# A G# E x2


C#m         G#    A        G#        E
JK Rowling's been following me around
I've even thought of moving to another town
I even went and hid in the police station
Until she wrote me an explanation


E5       E5/C# Bsus2
She said easy now
    E5            E5/C#            Bsus2
Stop bandying your suffering around
       E5      E5/C#     Bsus2
You'll get through somehow
E5       E5/C#         Bsus*
Just hold your nose and pray
Hey hey hey, hey hey hey, hey hey hey


JK Rowling's promised me the Earth
And all that's in it for all it's worth
I asked only for a cut of her publishing
She gave something even more astonishing



A|--7--7p6--6p5--5p4--4p3--3p2--2p1--1p0-| x2

then intro/verse riff x1


End on E.

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