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Futureheads - Walking Backwards tab

SONG: Walking Backwards
ARTIST: The Futureheads
ALBUM: This Is Not The World
TUNING: Standard (EADGBe)

Heya, this is mi first tab so i give it mi best. i heard this band and this song not
ago and i thought they were real gd so wen i looked 4 the tab nd couldnt find it i decided
tab it miself. This is only the intro but im workin out the rest of it soon, this is 
a starting block.

ere it is...


e ----------------------------|----------------------------|
B ----------------------------|----------------------------|
G ----------------------------|----------------------------|
D 14-14-xxxxxxxx14-14-xxxxxxxx|14-14-xxxxxxxx14-14-xxxxxxxx|
A 14-14-xxxxxxxx14-14-xxxxxxxx|14-14-xxxxxxxx14-14-xxxxxxxx|
E 12-12-xxxxxxxx12-12-xxxxxxxx|12-12-xxxxxxxx12-12-xxxxxxxx|

INTRO PT 2 (These are 12's, not 1's and 2's. Same throughout)

e ----------------------------|
B ----------------------------|
G ---------------------1616---|    play 4 times
D 1414-141414-141616-161616-16|
A 1414-141414-141616-161414-16|
E 1212-121112-121414-14-----14|

cheers 4 readin, hopfully more 2 come soon

The End?
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