Goo Goo Dolls - One Night chords

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   its my 1st time tabbing so i picked something easy. this is a great song and easy to 
Enjoy it. and please rate it... thanks k8trx

                          ONE NIGHT                       GOO GOO DOLLS
Intro F#m-E-Bm-F#m

verse 1
  F#m                         E
 God you still amaze me when you speak to me that way
     Bm                                           F#m
 the sound of your voice the look in your eyes you stand there in your place
     F#m                                 E
 You told me that the scars you bear are beautiful and real
     Bm                                      F#m
 So turn the lights back on, again I want to see the things you feel

     Am                                E
And we've got one night, to let the whole world know
           Bm                       D
Just how perfect we could be, just close your eyes and then you'll see
 Am                     E
We've got one night, to let the whole world know
  Bm                           D                                       Am
Forget about the falling stars, tonight we'll show them who we are, we are

verse 2

F#m                                E
  I feel it when you're near me and I know when you're not there
Bm                                  F#m
 I'm on the edge and so alone, and no one seems to care
But you reach out and pull me back, and love me til I'm free
         Bm                                 F#m
All the joy in my life I feel I've lost, you see inside of me


 Bm          D                     F#m                        
   Life's a song I'll sing, and it doesn't matter anymore, if anyone is
listening to me
           Bm                    G
Cause you move like light and descend on me
      Am                         Bm
you gently pull me through my life


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