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Grandaddy - Am 180 tab

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Bbmaj -> Gmaj -> Cmaj -> Fmaj (4x)
Dont change your name keep it the same
For fear I may lose you again
Fmaj                     Bbmaj
I know you won't it's just that I am unorganized 
And I want to find you when
Fmaj              Bbmaj
Something good happens

Bbmaj -> Gmaj -> Cmaj -> Fmaj (4x)
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If you come down we'll go to town
I haven't been there for years
Fmaj                      Bbmaj
But Id be fine wasting our time 
not doing anything here
Fmaj               Bbmaj
Just doing nothing

Bbmaj -> Gmaj -> Cmaj
Dmin -> Gmin -> Abmaj7 -> Amin7
Dmin -> Gmin -> Abmaj7 -> Amaj7

Bbmaj -> Gmaj -> Cmaj -> Fmaj (4x)

Well sit for days and talk about things
Important to us like whatever
Fmaj         Cmaj       Bbmaj
We'll defuse bombs and walk marathons
And take on whatever, together
                Cmaj    Bbmaj
Bbmaj -> Gmaj -> Cmaj 

Whatever together (4x)
Fmaj       Bbmaj -> Gmaj -> Cmaj
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