Gregory Alan Isakov - 3am chords

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This is my favourite song of the absolutely brilliant Gregory Alan Isakov. Unfortunately
there are no very good tabs around. I have been working on the song for a long time and
actually used it to learn some basic picking techniques. I could have tabbed the whole
thing but it would not be worth the effort because you only need to know the correct
chords and then learn the picking pattern yourself. I don't know it 100% correctly, Greg
plays it very differently live, so there is no 100% correct version. Make up your
little mix of hammers and pulls, just like I have. I will post a little part of the
intro to get you going. Once you have your thumb moving irrespective of your other fingers,
a whole new
world of guitar playing will open up. That's what this song has done for me. It takes
some time, but it is well worth it.

Capo 3rd

(First part of Intro, exemplary picking pattern tabbed. ‚t‘ marks notes played by
thumb, 0/2 marks hammer on from open string to 2nd for example. When a note is put right
beneath a hammered on note, play that note simultaneously with the hammering)


     C2          G2                  Am


     F1                                     G3

----- end of picking example ---------------------------------

Chords used:


    C1  G3 Am* Am/G F1**    G1  G2  G4  G5***   F2  C2   Dm

*always hammer on 0/1 on B-sting when switching to this chord
**use left hand thumb for bass F!
***hammer on 0/2 and pull off again on D-string


C2       G2    Am     Am     F1      F1      G1      G2

C2      G2      Am    Am     F2     C2     G1      C2

G1      G2      G3     G4

C              G3                Am         Am7/G          F
Well, it's 3 a.m. again, like it always seems to be
G1                  G2                           Am         Am/G      F
Driving northbound, driving homeward, driving wind is driving me.
G1                G2             Am    Am7/G      F
It just seems so funny how I always end up here
G1                 G2                      Am      Am/G       F
walking outside in a storm while looking way up past the treeline.
        G1      G2      G3     G4
It's been some time.

        Am              F               G5                    G5
Give me darkness when I'm dreaming, give me moonlight when I'm leaving,
Am                      F               G5            G5
Give me shoes that weren't made for standing.
 Am                     F               G5             G5
Give me treeline, give me big sky, give me snowbound, give me rainclouds,
  Am                     G1     G2     G3     G4
give me bedtime just sometimes.

                C          G3           Am   Am7/G    F
Now you're talking in my room, there ain't nobody here,
                  G1               G2               Am        Am/G        F
Cause I've been driving like a trucker, I've been wearing through the gears
            G1                 G2               Am    Am/G        F
I've been training like a soldier, I've been burning through this sorrow
       G1            G2 Am      Am/G   F     G1      G2     G3     G4
The only talking lately is a background radio

Dm            F               G5              G5
You are my friend and I was a saint
Dm            F                                G5             G5
And riding that hope was like catching some train
Dm            F                                G5             G5
Now I just walk, but I don't mind the rain
Dm       F                                      G5             G5
Singing so much softer than I did back then

C2      G2     Am     Am     F2     C2     G1      C2

G1       G2     G3     G4

        C                       G      Am       Am7/G   F
Well the night I think is darker, than we can really say,
               G1            G2          Am     Am/G      F
God's been living in that ocean, sending us all the big waves
        Am              F              G5                     G5
And I wish I was a sailor so I could know just how to trust
        Am                  F               G5                        G5
Maybe I could bring some grace back home to dry land for each of us

Dm         F                   G5             G5
Say what you see, you say it so well
Dm                  F                   G5          G5
Just say you will wait like snow on the rail
Dm            F                                G5             G5
Combing that train yard for some kind of saint
Dm            F                        G5             G5
Even my own self, it just don't seem mine

        Am                      F           G5                 G5
Give me darkness when I'm dreaming, give me moonlight when I'm leaving
        Am                      F          G5                 G5
Give me mustang horse and muscle, oh, I won't be going gentle
        Am                           F               G5                 G5
Give me slandered looks when I'm lying, give me fingers when I'm crying
    Am                 F               G5                 G5
I ain't out there to cheat you, see I killed that damn coyote in me


Am                 Am                  F                      F

G5                 G5                  G5                     G5
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