Gungor - Please Be My Strength tab

This is the way that I personally play the song; it sounds pretty much the
same I think. This is just to get an idea of how to play it since there are
no known tabs or chord charts at this time. To see it played like this here is a link.

 Bm7         F#m      F#m         G

  G             D D/C# A          Bm7

  G                       D

   F#m              Bm7
   G                    Gm6/E

No idea what the actual name of that funky chord is, but Gm6/E is as close as
it gets for my guess. Just play around with that last D chord on the chorus
to get back to the verses, didnt feel like writing it all out. For the
modulation just take everything up one half step.

Also, don't get discouraged to when it seems all crazy, its really not bad once you get 
the basics.
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