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Gwar - The Morality Squad tab

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From: (Michael Bauer)

GWAR - The morality squad

(Tune down your guitar to E-flat)
                               |------> |--->
 Intro ---- unless I think they're       wrong

||-----------------------||-----------------------------| (Play this whole
||-----------------------||-----------------------------|  stuff 2 times)
Blasphemy -> Teen suicide

(solo section)

|------17----------17----------17-------19B20-19B20--|(Attention: This
|------20B22-------20B22-------20B22-----------------|part contains 2
|----------------------------------------------------|guitarparts in
|---------------------------------------7------------|on !!!)
|-7-7---------7-7---------7-7-----------5-----5------|(Played 2 times)

(only bass and solo guitar for about 16 measures)

|-------------------|(Play something like this for the rest
|-----7---5---7-----| of the song)

That's all for now !!! Perhaps I'm trying to transcribe this solo stuff
out someday, but now I'm to lazy. Leave me a note if you're interested.
Michael Bauer -
Gutgolf@Nightfall - Gutgolf/GWARgolf@IRC
Take a look at our brandnew GWAR WWW-Site:

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