Gwen Stefani - 4 In The Morning tab

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Artist: Gwen Stefani
Track: 4 In The Morning
Album: The Sweet Escape (2006)

Tabbed By: underdog138 (at) gmail (dot) com

I tabbed this song because there wasn't an entry here for it yet, but when I finally got
to submitting it, one had already been done. Don't get me wrong; the other submission
paramore_fans was spot on (I tried it), but here's an alternative way. I basically 
that one into one that can be played with a capo and embellished on the chorus. It
somewhat easier to play and puts a little more emphasis on the melody during the chorus.

Tuning: Standard (EADGBe)

Capo 3rd Fret

Chords Used (Relative to Capo)
A (x02220)
Am7 (002010)
D (xx0232)
E (022100)
Em7 (020030)
F#m (244222)
Fmaj7 (xx3210)
Fadd9 (xx3213)

(One chord per measure. Two chords in the last measure)


Verse 1:

F#m		    A
Waking up to find another day
D			  A
The moon got lost again last night
F#m			    A
But now the sun has finally had its say
D		       A
I guess I feel alright
	D					F#m
But it hurts, when I think, when I let it sink in
It's all over me
	   D					A			E
I'm lying here, in the dark, I'm watching you sleep, it hurts a lot


  Fmaj7	      Fadd9	G
And all... 	I... 	know... is...
       Em7	       Am7
You've got to give me everything
    Fmaj7      Fadd9     G
And No---------thing...	 less... 'cause...
     Em7	    Am7
You know I give you all of me


I'll give you everything that I am
I'm handin' over everything that I've got
Cause I wanna have a really true love
Don't ever wanna have to go and give you up
Stay up till Four In The Morning when the tears are pouring
And I want to make it worth the fight
What have we been doing for all this time?
Baby if we're gonna do it, come on do it right

(Repeat Intro Once)

Verse 2 (Same Progression as Verse 1)

All I wanted was to know I'm safe
Don't want to lose the love I've found
Remember when you said that you would change
Don't let me down
It's not fair how you are
I can't be complete, can you give me more?
And all I know is
You got to give me everything
And nothing less 'cause
You know I give you all of me

(Repeat Chorus)


Oh please, you know what I need
Save all your love up for me
We can't escape the love
Give me everything that you have

(Repeat Pre-Chorus)

(Repeat Chorus)
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