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Hawk Nelson - Take Me tab

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G                     G/F#
Can you hear me? Does anyone around me
Em                       C2
Feel the way that I feel now?
Cause from the window where I sometimes cry
I just want to see Your face tonight
         Em                          C2
And Im willing to lose everything I am

*Palm Mute
         *G                      *G/F#
Cause I need you more than ever
                    *Em                                  D
I need Your help to find where Ive been going wrong so far

G                   D
Take me under Your wing tonight
C2                 D
Make me so perfect in Your eyes
G                     D           C2
Hold on cause it will be alright
Youre not alone

G                      G/F#     
When Youre near me, I feel like I just found me
        Em                       C2
In the traces of the boy from yesterday
But in a world that is so black and white
I will take the steps to change my life
       Em                           C2
And I wont be coming back to here again

I need Your loving hand to guide me
            G/F#                             Em
Through the maze of all the things inside me
Then Ill know that Im alright

        *G                      *G/F# 
Cause I need You more than ever
                    *Em                                D
I need Your help to find where Ill be going wrong so far


Please help me get from worse to better
               G                                     D
Before these tears soak through this lonely sweater
                          C5 B5 A5
And let me know that Im alright
I still have one strike of this match left
And Im holding on to my last breath
          D                                  C2
And its getting a little dark around to see here

"Chorus 2X"

           G           D         C2         G
And Youll be here forever, forever Youll stay
           G             D           C2       D         Em
And You promised to love me, Youll love me always
                     D    C2                    D
Youll love me for always, Youll love me for always
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