Hawk Nelson - Take Me chords

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    This is my first tab. You can use a capo to adjust the pitch to your voice but you 
don't need one. I don't use one.

G------ 320033
Cadd9-- 032033
Em7---- 022033
Dsus4-- 000233

  G                        Cadd9
     Can you hear me? Does anyone around me
     Em7                      Cadd9
     Feel the way that I feel now?
     Cause from the window where I sometimes cry
     I just want to see Your face tonight
             Em7             Dsus4        Cadd9
     And I'm willing to lose everything I am

             G                   Cadd9
     Cause I need you more than ever
       G                 Cadd9                Em7            Dsus4
     I need Your help to find where I've been going wrong so far

     G    Cadd9            Em7    Dsus4
     Take me    under Your wing tonight
     G    Cadd9            Em7     Dsus4
     Make me    so perfect in Your eyes
     G    Cadd9               Em7    Dsus4
     Hold on    cause it will be   alright
 G   G      Cadd9  Dsus4
     You're not   alone.
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