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Hawkwind - Silver Machine chords

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Silver Machine

(Note: the sheet music for this claims it's in the
 key of G.  CD versions are in Ab.  In line with my
 usual practice, I'm transposing this song to A, 
 which is definitely how it was played live from 
 the late 70's onwards)

A              B                   
I just took a ride in a silver 
    D                           E
machine, and I'm still feeling mean

        A                                B
Do you want to ride, see yourself going by
                        D                 E           
the other side of the sky in a silver machine

E     D     E         D      }
I've got a Silver Machine... } x 4

     A                     B
It flies sideways through time
                  D                   E
It's an electric line to your Zodiac sign

     A              B            
It flies out of a dream
                      D                               E
it's antiseptically clean, you've got to know what I mean

This tab is not my own work and is made by the talented folks at and 
is from their collection of tabs! I am simply transferring it here for simplicities sake.
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