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Hayden - Carried Away tab

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[Artist] Hayden
[Album] Skyscraper National Park
[Year]  2001
[Genre] Folkish
[Info]  Sort of a sad song with a really upbeat strumming pattern. Don't let the simple 
fool you, it's a great song. Hayden's voice is great as always too, though singing at a 
pitch than usually. Typically a very monotone singer like Crash Test Dummies guy. Cheers!

[1st Verse]

Don't be scared to leave him
You've been sad all season
Bm         Dm             A           E
You should think of something to say
Maybe you could tell him
That from the day you met him
Bm          Dm         A              E
You've been liking him less and less

[1st Chorus]

Bm              E
And things have got to change
Bm            E
Cause if they stay the same
  Dm                     A
You'll both get carried away

[2nd Verse]

He might really love you
And be crushed by the news
Bm           Dm               A             E
Then you can take back everything you said
And if he feels the same way
Has been waiting to say
Bm        Dm              A              E
The same things, but on a different day

[2nd Chorus]

Bm             E
You'll go your separate ways
Bm             E              Dm
And all your days with him will fade
Or be carried away

La la la la
laaaaaaaaa la la
la laaaaaaaa la
la la
la la laaaaaaa
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