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Hayden - Winter Trip tab

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From Sun Mar  9 21:22:08 1997
Date: Sun, 09 Mar 1997 10:11:00 -0800
From: Dave Robertson 
Subject: Hayden tab

>Artist: Hayden
>Song: Winter trip Transcribed by Ryan Ellis Robertson, Esq. at:
 Here is a correction of this song, earlier submitted by me.
Instead of an A7 used in the song, it should be an A5minor(I screwed up
the names).  There is also a lyric change.

So, the chords should look like this:
     C          A5minor        G           D         Cadd9
E|----0----|  |----0----|  |----3---| |----2----| |----0----|
B|----1----|  |----0----|  |----3---| |----3----| |----3----|
G|----0----|  |----2----|  |----0---| |----2----| |----0----|
D|----2----|  |----2----|  |----0---| |----0----| |----2----|
A|----3----|  |----0----|  |----2---| |---------| |----3----|
E|---------|  |----0----|  |----3---| |---------| |---------|

C            A5m             G  D
  I took you around the back
                  A5m           C
  Picked a flower for your hand to hold
 A5m               C
  Careful as the wind blows
                       A5m          G  D
  We rented movies and then we watched
                       A5m            C
  Things that made us laugh and talk
                        A5m       G   D
  You taught me things about myself
                      A5m         C
  A lot of things I hadn't felt
                    A5m     G    D
  We talked about a winter trip
  Somewhere that doesn't look
  Like where we are
      A5m        C           Cadd9 C A5m
  Not like where we are
  Anywhere, but where we are
(louder) Cadd9 C A5m                  C
                        Hey, what did we know?
         Cadd9 C A5m                  C
                        Hey, what did we know?
         Cadd9 C A5m                  C
                        Hey, what did we know?
         Cadd9 C A5m
                        Hey, what did we know?
  (back to soft)       A5m      G  D
  I feel your warmth inside of me
                 A5m        C
  You are lying right beside me
 A5m      C
  Right beside me
              A5m     G     D
  My hand is touching yours
                        A5m       C
  Our feet are sticking out of the covers
 A5m         C
  Out of the covers
                     A5m    G  D
  I feel your breath on my neck
                      A5m            C
  I feel that I am starting to drift
 A5m              C   Starting to drift (repeat)

That about it.  Hopefully, I haven't made any more mistakes in this

"Woman who cooks carrots and peas in the same pot is unsanitary."
                                    --Paul Desser

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