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Henry Mancini - Moon River tab

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F     Dm       Bb          Am
Moon   River,  Wider than a mile
     Bb             Am
I'm crossing you in style
   Gm7  A7    Dm    F
Some day    old dream maker
    Bb     Eb7
You heart  breaker
   Dm          Bm7b5 E       Am  Dm      Gm7 C7
Wherever you're go-   ing, I'm go- ing your way
F    Dm       Bb                  Am   
Two  drifters, off     to see the world
        Bb           Am       Gm7  A7
There's such  a lot of world to see
    Dm   F   Bm7b5 Bb          Am
We're after the same  rainbow's end
Bb                      Am
Waiting just around the bend
Bb                F
My huckleberry friend
Dm7  Gm7   C7     Dm C7 Bb F
Moon river     and me.
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