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Hillsongs - Here To Eternity chords

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Intro:  G

Your kingdom generation Declares Your majesty
      C    D     C       D           G      (F, E , D , G)
Our lives are resounding with Your praise
We see Your spirit moving, We burn with holy fire
       C  D     C           D        G
Your glory is seen through all the earth

  C                 D
You set eternity in my heart
    Em            C D      Em  (F#)
So I'll live for You, for you

Hallelujah, hallelujah
Honor and praise forever
We'll shout a victory cry
       C   Am     D
From here to eternity
Hallelijah, hallelujah
We'll take our place in history
We'll shout Your awesome love
       C(B) Am D    F        G
From here to eternity
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