Him - Killing Loneliness tab

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Capo: 1st fret

[Intro & Breaks]: Bm  A  G


Bm                F#m
  Memories, sharp as daggers
  Em                       G    A
  Pierce into the flesh of today
Bm                              F#m
  Suicide of love took away all that matters
      G                        A
  And buried the remains in an unmarked grave in your heart

Bm                    D
  With the venomous kiss you gave me
I'm killing loneliness (Killing loneliness)
Bm                        D
  With the warmth of your arms you saved me,
  Oh, I'm killing loneliness with...
D      A
Bm                          G
I'm killing loneliness that turned my heart into a...
D     A
F#m   G
  I'm killing loneliness

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