Howie Day - I Do tab

Ok, I know this is a Jude song but I downloaded it under "Howie Day" it is...

   G Bm  C  D  Cadd9

It's a pretty constant beat so you'll figure it out...


G, Bm, C, D (x3)

G          Bm          C  D
   I got a letter today,  an invitation,
G           Bm                  C   D
    and the writing looked like you...
G          Bm                 C          D
           Hello how are you? and by the way...
G          Bm    C   D
   Please RSVP I do
G               Bm
   I thought of writing the sad words
C            D
   Of how it used to be...


Cadd9     Bm
  You think that I don't love you
C           D
You're just wrong
Cadd9        Bm            C    D
  That don't matter now anywaaaaaay...
Cadd9            Bm               C                    D
Couldn't bear to see you up there with the white dress on
Cadd9 <----------- Bm <----(hit these chords only once)
Here's my vowel to you , i'll stay away...

and so get the idea...
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