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Huntingtons - Ill Be Your Man tab

Song: I'll Be Your Man
Artist: The Huntingtons
Album: Songs in the Key of You
Tabbed By: Caleb M. (

Use power chords.

Intro x2

A F# D


A D x2

F# D e


A D e x3

A F# E

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Chords for the verse are played behind the solo.
E ---------------8------------------|
B -----------------10-10-10-8-------|
G -8/9999-8/9999--------------9-9-9-|
D -6/7777-6/7777--------------------|
A ----------------------------------|
E ----------------------------------|

E ----------|
B ----------|
G -11-14-16-|
D -11-12-14-|
A ----------|
E ----------|
   8x 8x 16x
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