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Hymn - Autumn Days chords

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C        G              F         G
Autumn days, when the grass is jewelled

         C       G      F        G
And the silk inside a chestnut shell
C           G              F            G
Jet planes meeting in the air to be refuelled
           Am               G
All these things I love so well


                C  Em
So I mustnít forget
               F      D7
No, I mustnít for -  get
    C      G            F
To say a great big thank you
G           C
I mustnít forget. 

Clouds that look like familiar faces
And a winterís moon with frosted rings
Smell of bacon as I fasten up my laces
And the song the milkman sings.

Whipped-up spray that is rainbow-scattered
And a swallow curving in the sky
Shoes so comfy though theyíre worn out and theyíre battered
And the taste of apple pie.
Scent of gardens when the rainís been falling
And a minnow darting down a stream
Picked-up engine thatís been stuttering and stalling
And a win for my home team.
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