Iron And Wine - Freedom Hangs Like Heaven tab

i saw other tabs of this song on different sights and they were pretty good, but some 
were missing, so i'm here to fix that. explenation on the parentheses, i have no idea how 
make those lines to seperate measures because i don't have a key for that, so this is my subsitute.

from the WOMAN KING EP

standard tuning, capo 1st fret

Intro + verses

    Riff 1
e(------------------)                   e(------------)
B(------------------)                   B(------------)
G(--3p0-------------)  x3               G(------------)
D(---------3-5------) after 3rd time,   D(---0-0-0-0--)
A(------------------)  PLAY THIS -->    A(--3-3-1-1---)
E(--3---3--3-3------)                   E(------------)

Play that riff 3 times and on 4th time, Play:

    Riff 2

for some people,   e(-----------------)
it might be easier B(-----1--1h3p1----)
to play this -->   G(--3-----------3--)
on the riff        D(-----------------)
above              A(-----------------)

...and continue that pattern until in between verse 1 & 2 where you play Riff 1 6X until 
2. Between verse 2 & 3 and the banjo solo, also play Riff 1 6X until verse 3. For the 
just play Riff 1 until the song ends.


Mary, carry your babe
bound up tight like lips around a whimper
Your fingers over my face
blind eyed sampson driven to the temple
and night birds digging 'til dawn
Freedom hangs like heaven over everyone
Ain't nobody knows what a newborn holds
but his mama says he'll walk on water
and wander back home.

Mary, carry your shame
well past all those eyes across the avenue
Fish heads running from rain
you know I'll do anything you want me to
Lamp oil lovers may say,
"Freedom hangs like heaven over everyone"
Ain't nobody knows what a new born holds
but his papa's gonna to hide shaking gristle
and shaking like bone

Mary, carry My name
hoof marks hacked up all I had to offer you
Look all over this place
Lost your portrait lately when the winter blew
In like Herod and them
Freedom hangs like heaven over everyone
Anybody knows what a newborn holds
but a dollar says he'll lick that devil
and do it alone

hope this all helped you
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