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Jake Bugg - Broken chords

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This is how to play the song without a capo/on the piano. I hope it's helpful!

Verse 1:

Ab     Eb       Fm
I wait here for you 
        C#  Cm
For I'm broken
Ab           Eb          Fm
Down, coming Down, this time
       C#    Cm
For my heart bleeds

Bridge 1:
Far and away, where they took you down
Eb                           Fm
Lead them over to your house
          C#  Cm
Where I'm broken
Down by the people if they let you breath
Eb                                       Fm
Don't give a damn if you still can't see
         C#    Cm        Eb
Still my heart beats for you

(This pattern repeats in the next verse )
 Have become all I loved
And I hoped for
But I must carry on
Always one
Never Broken 

Bridge 2:
Run to the lobby where I saw you try
Eb                                    Fm
Don't give a damn for you reasons why 
        C#  Cm
Where's Sophie
Down to the valley where the church bells cry
I lead them over to your eyes
Ab           Eb
I am one
     C# Cm
I am one
I am one

And then it repeats once again, hope this helps!
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