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James Mcmurtry - Dont Waste Away tab

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From: "Kean, John" 
Subject: CRD: Don't Waste Away - James McMurtry
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 1998 09:26:40 +1300

Don't Waste Away  - James McMurtry
>From "Candyland"

Transcribed by John Kean.

Capo 2nd fret (or just over strings 1-5).

 D/F#   G   A11  (x4)

D/F#     G          A11
 Is that smile for me
D/F#        G         A11
 Or did you come by it honestly
D/F#   G        A11
 Can I show you around
D/F#   G                  A11
 Can I help you tear your fences down
                 G            D/F#
 Cos' I know you foster few illusions
     A11       D/F#
 You suffer no fools
         G           D/F#    A11
 And you don't leave much to chance
            G            D/F#
 But you're out past the breakers
            A11      D/F#
 And you're drifting fast
       G           A11
 I can see it at a glance

               G    D    A11      D
 You've been a long time locked inside
   G    D         A11    D
 A long time on a lonely ride
 G           D     A11           D
 Prisoner of wisdom, prisoner of pride
G           D/F#   A11
 Don't just waste away
G           D/F#   A11
 Don't just waste away

BRIDGE (as for intro)

 Is that smile for me
 Have you kept it hidden consciously
 Like an old-time movie queen
 Always noticed, rarely seen
 I've got no answers
 No magic cures
 And I've got no plans
 But I know the darkness
 That haunts your eyes
 And I know those trembling hands


 D/F#   G    A11
 D/F#   G    A11
 D/F#   G    A11


 A11  D

D/F#  20023x
G     32003x
A11   x0203x
D     xx0232
 John Kean
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