James Mcmurtry - Lights Of Cheyenne chords

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     CAPO on the second fret 
     D4=      XX0233       G/F#=220033                LIGHTS OF CHEYENNE
     Cadd9=   X32033       G =  320033                  JAMES MCMURTRY
     Em7=     022033

               VERSE 1

Cadd9      G                            Cadd9      G                
       Look off down the highway at the glittering lights
Cadd9      G           E                     D4
       Like windshield glass on the shoulder tonight
               Cadd9                    D4          Em7
       As the diesels come  grinding on up from the plains
            G                  Cadd9           D4
       All bunched up like pearls on a string 
                   G                            Cadd9         G
       And I guess time don't mean nothin' Not nothin' at all
Cadd9       G         Em7                       D4
       And out on the horizon the broken stars fall
Cadd9                             D4           Em7
       Old broken stars they fall down on the land
            G        Cadd9              D4           G
       And get mixed together with the lights of Cheyenne
                VERSE 2

Cadd9           G                          Cadd9      G    
       Well I've been up all night and I'm down on my back
Cadd9   G           Em7                   D4                 
       Workin' the counter to take up the slack
                  Cadd9                     D4               Em7 
       Cause the money tree's light and the whiskey stream's low
           G              Cadd9           D4                               
       You ain't worked a week since July
                    G                  Cadd9     G                  
       You say the gravel pit's hiring After the first
Cadd9          G              Em7                     D4            
       But you don't have the nature for that kind of work
          Cadd9                       D4             Em7                  
       You might get hired on But you won't make a hand
                G             Cadd9           D4            G           
       And I'll still be here lookin'  at the lights of Cheyenne

             You stand in the sky 
                       Cadd9       G              
             with your feet on the ground
             D4                 Cadd9                     
             Never suspectin' a thing
             But if the sky were to
                            Cadd9    G              
             move you might never be found
             Em7      G/F#       Cadd9                   
             Never be heard from again

                   VERSE 3

Cadd9      G                           Cadd9          G           
       We go on good behavior when our youngest comes home
Cadd9      G             Em7                         D4          
       She comes up from Boulder but she never stays long
                Cadd9                       D4       Em7             
       And that oldest still fights me like she was 18
              G               Cadd9           D4             
       Stopped in for a 6-pack awhile ago
                        G                      Cadd9        G     
       And she's got a cowboy problem And this last one's a sight
Cadd9      G               Em7                    D4        
       All dressed up like Gunsmoke for Saturday night
                     Cadd9               D4           Em7          
       And they were off to the bars for lack of a plan
       G          Cadd9        D4            G                
       Racing the stars to the lights of Cheyenne

                 (little solo part goes here)

                 VERSE 4

Cadd9             G                      Cadd9         G         
       And you've kept all that meanness inside you so long
Cadd9        G            Em7                             D4          
       You'd fight with a fence post if it looked at your wrong
                Cadd9                       D4             Em7         
       Well the post won't hit back, and it won't call the law
          G                        Cadd9           D4       
       I look at your right, or I don't look at all
                  G                        Cadd9      G            
       Now take a crumpled up soft pack and give it a shake
Cadd9   G         Em7                     D4       
       Out by the dumpster on a cigarette break
            Cadd9                       D4           Em7            
       With one eye swelled up from the back of your hand
               G         Cadd9        D4            G                
       And the other eye fixed on the lights of Cheyenne

                - chorus-

                 VERSE 5

Cadd9              G                   Cadd9          G          
       Now there's antelope grazing in range of my gun
Cadd9       G                   Em7            D4             
       Come opening weekend you won't see a one
               Cadd9                     D4           Em7          
       They'll vanish like ghosts `cause somehow they know
               G                     Cadd9            D4      
       But now they're up to the fence in the early dawn
                G                    Cadd9            G        
       And it's warming up nicely for this time of year
Cadd9      G                Em7                          D4        
       The creeks are still frozen but the roads are all clear
             Cadd9                  D4            Em7           
       And I don't have it in me to make one more stand
                G          Cadd9          D4            G            
       Though I never much cared f or the lights of Cheyenne

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