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James Mcmurtry - Safe Side tab

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From: "Kean, John" 
Subject: CRD: Safe Side - James McMurtry
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 1998 09:29:23 +1300

Safe Side  - James McMurtry
>From "Candyland"

Transcribed by John Kean.

Open-D tuning (DADF#AD).

INTRO: (strum)
    D                                                               G/A
    , . , . , . , .    , . , . , . , .   , . , . , . , .    , . , . , .
, .

  D                                                           G   A
  , . , . , . , .    , . , . , . , .   , . , . , . , .    , . , . , . ,

D                D6sus4
 Down in Piedras Negras
D                    D6sus4
 You gotta watch yourself
D                             D6sus4
 There's a whole lotta hungry people
D                      D6sus4
 Looking to share some wealth
D                         D6sus4
 And when the oil field's busted
D                     D6sus4
 And the peso takes a dive
D             D6sus4
 Stay off the side streets
D                    D6sus4
 If you want to come back alive

 Yo no busco nada
 I'm just standing here
 Minding my own business
 Gonna get back out of here
D (intro riff)
 Back to the safe side

 At the base of the bar stool
 There's a drain in the floor
 You better not go in there
 If you don't know what that's for
 It's no place to take a lady
 She'll get the evil eye
 Sizing up their prospects
 Sharpening up their knives

 No me gusta nada
 Yo no quiero ver
 Once I get across this river
 I'm never gonna go back there
 I'm staying on the safe side
 Staying on the safe side

SOLO: (chords as for chorus)

 Yo no fumo mota
 No lo quiero ver
 Once I get across this river
 I'm never gonna go back there

 Up in San Antonio
 All the pretty people know
 They better stay off the west side
 Where the black tar flows
 So they hide in sheltered enclaves
 Up around Olmos Park
 They've got their own policemen
 So they can stay out after dark
 Back down in Piedras Negras
 The children play with dirt
 We keep our pistols loaded
 So we don't get hurt

CHORUS 4: (repeat and fade)
 No importa a nadie
 It's always been that way
 It's never gonna get no different
 Long as we've got our say
 We stay on the safe side

D       000000
G/A     x0555x
G       5555xx
A       7777xx
D6sus4  020100
A11/E   202100

 John Kean
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