Jay Reatard - Doa chords

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Ok, so I wanted to put lyrics in this tab but had a hard time finding them.
You'll have to play loudly and drown out whatever nonsense you decide to sing, sorry.
This is my second Jay Reatard tab, and I'm pretty sure it is accurate.
It's a simple song but one of my favorites from him.  R.I.P. Jay.

Intro bass riff, low E string:

Verse Riff:
B5 G5 C5 F#5

Chorus Riff:
C5 D5 G5 (The D5 is only for about a beat right before the G5)

Post-Chorus (It's no fun!):
F5 G5 
for this bit I like to use 4 string power chords higher on the neck like so:

     F5         G5

That's all you need.  The song is just these 4 sections repeated.  Enjoy.
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