Jeff Deyo - Glory chords

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My eyes have seen
A glimpse of You
	F#m                    D
And ever will they yearn
To see You as
They will, my Lord
	F#m                 D
The hour of Your return

           F#m                  E/G#
Creation groans for that great day	
	      A                A/C#       D				
When Heavín and earth collide
             F#m		        E/G#
When every heart with one pure voice
            A       A/C#          D
Will bow to You and cry

       A          E6
Glory, glory
      F#m7            D
Glory to the Lamb

With praise we war
Against the night
This battle we have won
Because of Christ
Our Savior King
At last it will be done

With blood stained tears
And nine inch nails
You rescued my poor heart
In laying down
A sinless life
You overcame the dark 
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