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Jesse Ruben - We Can chords

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CAPO 3 works best for guys.
CAPO 6 works best for girls.

A lot of people doubted me, they laughed in my face
Said there ain't no way I can finish that race
(F)                                      (C)   (G)
But I kept my head down and laced up my shoes
I ran a marathon that no one thought I could
I didn't always want to but I said that I would
(F)                                   (C)   (G)
And I learned a lot about what I could do
(F)                        (C)   (G)
It doesn't matter if they don't believe
(F)                        (C)      (G)
It doesn't matter if they don't understand
(F)                      (C)       (G)      (F)    (G)    (C)
Because every dream I'm trying to achieve, I can, I can, I can

THE PATTERN CONTINUES through the rest of the song.

So make a list and do not make it brief
Write down every single wish and every single thing
That you want, don't sell yourself short
Don't ever hesitate if people bring you down
Do not settle, do not wait, do not ever turn around
Because you're almost there, I swear it's yours
And all that matters is that there's no regrets
It does not matter if they do not understand
Everything you want you have not gotten yet, you can

Right now on this planet there's a lot we can fix
A lot of people going hungry, a lot of them are kids
And it's so unfair, they're scared and all alone
Wars are being fought over land and over God
And we need a different plan, I think we all forgot
That we're all the same, we're love and blood and bones
It doesn't matter if they think that we're wrong
It doesn't matter if they do not understand
Because every obstacle we need to overcome, we can
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