Jesus Culture - Show Me Your Glory chords

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Tuning: Standard (EADGBe)

Key of D

Chords Used: (only useful if you don't transpose)
     A   Bm   Bm/D   D   Em7   F#m/A   Gadd9   G5   G

Bm/D - Gadd9

[Verse 1]
                Bm/D   Gadd9           Bm/D   Gadd9
I see the cloud,             I step in
Bm/D               A                  Em7
I want to see your glory as Moses did
                 Bm/D   Gadd9                  Bm/D   Gadd9
Flashes of light,             rolls of thunder

               F#m/A   G5                F#m/A   G5
I'm not afraid,           I'm not afraid

               D    A                Bm   G
Show me your glory,   show me your glory
               D    A                Bm   G
Show me your glory,   show me your glory

[Verse 2]
                        Bm/D   Gadd9                   Bm/D    Gadd9
I'm awed by your beauty,             lost in your eyes
Bm/D                   A                       Em7
I want to walk in your presence like Jesus did
                        Bm/D   Gadd9                     Bm/D   Gadd9
Your glory surrounds me              and I'm overwhelmed

          D                       A
I long to look on the face of the one that I love
        Bm                       G
Long to stay in your presence is where I belong

Weird chords, I know, but still a great song. God bless. :)
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