Jethro Tull - Wondring Aloud chords

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G          Em          D       A 
Wond‘ring Aloud, how we feel today?
G                  Em         D           A
Last night set the sunset, my hand in her hair.

G              A               D  Bm          A               Bm     D
We are our own saviors, as we start, both our hearts, beating life
Into each other

G          Em             D              A
Wond‘ring aloud, will the years treat us well?
G                    Em           D           A
As she floats in the kitchen, I‘m tasting the smell

G               A                      D  Bm          A              Bm  D
Of toast as the butter runs, then she comes, spilling crumbs, on the bed
and I shake my head

         Am       G           D          Bm           A
And it‘s only the giving that makes you,    what you are.
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