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Jim Croce - Age tab

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By Jim Croce

From: Alfredo Alex G. General
Date: Thursday, October 19, 2006

Chords by Alfredo Alex G. General

Intro: D-Dsus-D-A7-G(1st string open)-A7sus-A7-D (2x)
          D                                    A
Iíve been up and down and around and round and back again
G                           D                 A
Been so many places I canít remember where or when
       D                                       A
And my only boss was the clock on the wall and my only friend
G            A               D      
Never really was a friend at all

     Bm                       F#m
Iíve traded love for pennies, sold my soul for less
        G              D              A
Lost my ideals in that long tunnel of time
                D                               A
And Iíve turned inside out and around about and back and then
G            A                 G           D     Dsus   D
Found myself right back where I started again.

Ad lib: D-A-G-A-D, 
        D-A-G-A-D, G-A-D

       D                             A
Once I had myself a million now Iíve only got a dime
G                     A              D      
Difference donít seem quite as bad today
       D                         A
With a nickel or a million I was searchiní all the time
G                A            G       D      
Something that I'd never lost or left behind

Repeat refrain.
            D                                           A
And now Iím in my second circle and Iím headiní for the top
     G                A                D
Iíve learned a lot of things along the way
        D                                   A    
Iíll be careful while Iím climbin' cause it hurts a lot to drop
G                A             G        D
When youíre down nobody cares a damn anyway

Repeat refrain.

End chords: D-A-G-A-D-A-G-(Fade)
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