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Jimi Hendrix - My Friend tab

Jimi Hendrix
My Friend
(Jimi Hendrix)

Chords-intro(G7 D7 G7 C G7 D7), (G C F F# G)2X, B Em Em/D C
G Bb/F C/E C#dim Edim Gdim A#dim, G B/F# Em Em/D C F G

(SPOKEN): "You all pass me that bottle. I'll sing
you a real song."

         G               C7                 F              F#     G
Well I'm looking through Harlem, my stomach squeals just a little more.
     G                 C/E                           F        F#      G
The stagecoach full of feathers and footprints rolls up to my soapbox door.
      B/F#                                   Em     Em/D     C
Now a lady with a pearl handled necktie tied to the driver's fence
G              Bb/F C/E                               C#dim Edim Gdim A#dim*
breathes in my face bourbon and coke possessed words,
           G            B/F#     Em       Em/D   C       F   G
"Haven't I seen you somewhere in hell, or was it just an accident?"
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(play first two measures of intro and say)
"You know how I felt then"

    B/F#                                  Em   Em/D      C
And sometimes it's not so easy 'specially when your only friend
G      B/F#            Em        Em/D      C           F       G
talks, sees, looks and feels like you. You do just the same as him.

(play intro and say)
"It gets very lonely out here in this room baby"


  G7     D7    C7          G7   C7  G7  D7

* Diminished riff:
C#dim  Edim   Gdim   A#dim
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