John Frusciante - Unreachable chords

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 to all you guitar lovers out there,
 here is a much easier way to play this beautiful song
 cause at least for me, being a new guitar player,
 all this barre chords gets my hand tired after a little while
 to my opinion it sounds the same.

 have fun!!

 capo first fret, regular tuning.

C  D
Are we
  G           D     EM
Down for the same cause
  G                  D   EM
We don't know what we stand for
  G               D      EM
When the moments start to crack
            C          D          A
You do lose track where your head's at

         G  D  EM
And I am unreachable
            G              D     EM
What do you think when your head's full?
         G      D      EM
We don't rely on what we get
              C       D        A
We're picking up where we aren't yet


EM  G  EM  G  EM  G EM  G

EM  G    D             A           EM G
One time, hit me where I turn white
D                 A
I don't mean to be polite
EM   G    D                        A
Uniformed, spinning the world to the beat of my drum
EM   G     D     A

EM                          G
Reach into the darkness for what you can find
D                    A
Travel great distance in your mind
EM                         G
The world gets stronger as you start trying thing
D                             A
Turn around towards being born away from dying
EM                             G
I've run out again, there's no one on my side
D                     A
We to disappear, well, I know I tried
You know we tried, you know we tried

C        EM      D    EM
Heeeeeeey shoot me heeeeeeeey
C         G           D      EM       C   
Heeeeeeey shoot me shoot me shoot me yeah yeah yeah hey hey yeah
EM     D
EM     D
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