John Mark Mcmillan - Baby Son chords

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Baby Son - John Mark McMillan - A Major

Intro: A//D A/// A//A2 A

Verse 1:

                  A            E       A 
We thought you’d come with a crown of gold

             D2           E        A
A string of pearls and a cashmere robe

        F#m7                 E    D 
We thought you’d clinch and iron fist

              Esus   D           A
And rain like fire on the politics


                D                A
But without a sword, no armored guard

            E                A
But common born in mother’s arms

          D              F#m7
The government now rests upon

               E  D          A
The shoulder’s of this baby son (Intro)

Verse 2:

              A     E          A
Have you no room inside your heart

            D2        E     A
The inn is full, the out is dark

       F#m7           E     D
Upon profane shines sacred sun

     Esus   D             A
Not ashamed to be one of us


    D        A
Gloria, Hallelu

Christ, the Lord

We’ve longed for You

    D       F#m7
Gloria, Hallelu

Christ, the Lord

D                 A
We’ve longed for You (Repeat)
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