Johnny Cash - Rock N Roll Ruby chords

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Well i took my ruby jupin on a dance in the town 
She took her high heels off and and let her stockings down 
She put a quarter in the jukebox to get a little beat 
Everybody started dancin` on the rythmn of her feet 
Shes my rock and roll ruby 
rock and roll ruby 
       B7                                    E 
When ruby starts a rocking it satisfies my soul  
Well ruby started rocking bout one O`clock 
And when she started rocking she just couldnt stop 
She rocked on the tabels and she rocked on the floor 
When everybody yelling ruby rock some more 
It was round about 4 and i thought she would stop 
She looked at me and then she looked at the clock 
She said wait a minute daddy now dont you get soul all i wanna do i rock a little bit more 
One night my ruby left me all alone 
I tried to contact her on the telephone 
I finnaly found her bout 12 O`clock 
She said leave me alone daddy cause your ruby wants to rock 
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