Julian Casablancas - Glass chords

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Ok so I'm not like a genius, this isin't perfect
But if your like me and love this song, then well these chords will get you 
through it (camp fire version so to speak)
P.s: There is probebly better chords for "who knew who knew"

G - 320000

Capo on 9th!

C                   Am                     Em
I don't believe it     I won't believe it
          G                    Dm
I'm not sad            I understand
That's how it goes


                    Am                       Em
Take it easy           There's no time to be mad
              G                       Dm
That's their job       Blood on their teeth
Death on their mind

         Am                                       Em
Pretty baby            Please just get out of the way
Where it's safe

(can pick these chords)
Dm               Am
Eyes will follow you
Em                  Am
Weapons can't break through
Dm                 Am
Tears will swallow you
Em                      G
You'll always see right through

C       Am  Em   G
Bulletproof glass
C       Am  Em   G
Bulletproof glass
C             Am          Em 
Bulletproof - You're in trouble now
C                   G
But who knew    who knew
C                   G
But who knew    who knew

Repeat with lyrics:

Please don't deceive me
I'm just so easily fooled
There's somethings
They do not want the answers to

Don't wanna bring all that up 
But they keep leaving it out
What to do?

Dm                Am
We'll just let it be
Em             G
Until they all leave

Bulletproof glass
Bulletproof glass
Bulletproof You in trouble now
But who knew who knew
But who knew who knew


If you wanna know somebody
Might take a quick look at Their best friends
Dimonds are hers the dog is his

You can lie to yourself
But don't lie to me
Guess what they want

Dominance and loyalty
Romance and security
Stay behind

Bulletproof glass
Bulletproof glass
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