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Kim Chiu - Mine tab

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Mine Ė Kim Chiu
Tabbed by: Euville T. Coquia

I like this song because the lyrics here are so cool and sweet...
yup! It's dedicated for ... Kung nasan ka man... Ingat lagi.
Kung sablay yung ibang chords... Kayo na lang po bahalang magkapa... Thanks... Paki-rate 
din... +_+

Intro: D, A, G, A

Verse I:
D            A       G                 A
    out of my mind, but still i see you here
D          A          G              A
out of my time, but still i'm waiting here
     Bm                  F#m
i know thereís no way but i know someday
Bm                          Gm
you will end up in this heart of mine

Dsus                 Em
you will always be my mine
C                      A               G
you will always be in my heart and in my mind
i will wait forever
and i will not say never
G#m      C#m      Bm       G          D
until the day that i, can call you mine

Verse II:
D                  A
      for once in my life
G		      A
i have found what Iím looking for
D             A
    i know Iím right
G		        A
that itís you Iím asking for
is there any way
i can make you stay
Bm                               Gm
another life timeís not enough for you

(Chorus Ė same chords)

Bm.. F#mÖ BmÖ GmÖ


(Chorus again)
       G       D
can call you mine...
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