Kim Walker - Holy chords

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Same chords throught song so no use writing them all in.
All chords are played equal amounts.

Just one look on Your face
Just one glance of Your eyes
My whole world is changed
My whole world is changed
Oh, I see only to see Your face   
I don't want to go anywhere, without you
God, without your presence
Oh, let me see your face,
The Beauty of Your holiness, God!
Take me into Your holy place

          Dm               G                   F             Am  
And only one word comes to mind. There's only one word to describe
     Dm                 G                 F              Am
Only one word comes to mind, there's only one word to describe

Dm    G     F            Am 
 Holy, HOly! Lord, GOd, almighty!
Dm    G     F            Am  
 Holy, Holy! Lord, God, almighty!

Dm              G                 F         Am
There is no one like You, You are holy, holy 
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