Kiss - Comin Home chords

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Easy! All power chords (in order of appearance in intro)

Intro Chords:1: A (E string 5th fret) D (A string 5th fret) 

Return to A (E 5th fr.)
2:D(A-5th fr)D A (D string 7th fret power chord:D7th,G9th,B10th fret)
E (A string 7th fret p.c)

Repeat 1 and 2 ending on E (A string 7th fret p.c.) strum 9x

sung before first played chord            A (E string 5th fret)
        It's been a           month or 2 since I've been sleepin w/ you

(sung in between chord change)   D (A-5th fret)-A(D-7th)-E(A-7th)
       I'm comin'                 home again                               

repeat chord changes with:

I've been through east and west, but baby I like best
the road that leads to you.

G(D st. 5th fr)  D(A st. 5th)  
  Oh             girl          

G    D    G    D     A(D-7th)     E(A-7th)
It seems the whole    wide         world

  (no guitar part)
   Seems the same

      (same chords used for the first set of lyrics)
Hotels they all look the same, just seems to drive me insane
but I can't get away. Until I receive a call that tells me
that will be all, and then I hop a plane

(Same chords used for "oh girl, it seems . . .)
It's true,  I'm not sure if you knew

(no guitar part)    
I'm comin' home to

(12th fret A st. power chord),11th,9th,7th,5th,D power chord 5x), A(D-7th), E(A-7th)
Repeat the entire sequence from the 12th fret.

Oh girl,    It seems the whole wide world, seems the same (etc.)

The song ends with the final sequence starting on the 
9th fret power chord on the D string, 8th,6th,4th,
 E(A str.7th <5x),9th(D string), 9th (A string) 
^^^^^^this sequence twice, then end with D (A string 6x) A (E 5th)
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