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Kiss - Beth tab

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SONG: Beth



Em      Am        Dm
Beth I hear you callin`
      Em          Am         Dm  
But I can`t come home right now
F        Em           Am
Me and the Boys are playin`
 Am      Em         F        Em
and we just can`t find the Sound

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Am              Em
Just a few more hours
         F         Em     Am
and I?ll be right home to you
 Em       Am          Em  
I think I hear them callin`
Em   Am       Em    Am         Am   G
Oh Beth what can I do?
Am         Em   Am
Beth what can I do?

Em           Am     Em
You say you feel so empty
         Am           Em      Am
that our House just ain`t a Home
Em         Am         Dm   Dm Dm
I`m always somewhere else
    Em      Am           Em
and you`re always there alone


MIDDLE - same as verse and chorus


 Em     Am          Dm (let ring)
Beth I know you`re lonely
 Em     Am         Dm Am Em (let ring)
and I hope you`ll be alright
  Em               Am         Em
cause me and the Boys will be playin`
 Em  Am  (let ring)
all Night
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