Kutless - Need chords

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Need Ė Kutless
Am                        G
You tore the veil so my eyes could see
F                         Em
Your open arms Right in front of me
Am                 G
Lord I feel blind make the darkness flee
F                 Em
You know exactly what I need

Am                   C             F           Em
Help me God I do believe, I feel lost and itís killing me
Am      C        F-Em          Am          C
I need you right now          God please answer me
     F                       Em
I know youíre here but itís hard to see
Am      C         F  Em
I need you right now

Am                                       G
Trying myself to figure it out Its like standing on sand and swimming in doubt
I know Iím not alone
Am                  Em
If all of this time Youíve been waiting                              Am                  
Em             D
All of this time for me to say it Now
Iím calling out


      Am                 Em
Itís You, Itís You, It's You


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