Lady Lamb The Beekeeper - Little Brother chords

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Standard tuning
Capo 3

The picking pattern varies a bit throughout the song, but here is the main idea.

The B in the chords below signifies the root note transition, not the actual chord
(which would be a G if you decided to play it out).

Main picking pattern:
    C                Em               Am               Am          B/G

C         Em            Am           Am    B     C
I'm not sure how these marks came to be on my heart
         Em        Am           Am        B C
in your bed as I slept with the devil had a brawl
         Em            Am          Am      B C
when I awoke prayed to god it had been but a draw
   Em                Am          Am    B    C
oh my what more of a mess I will be if I've lost

Interlude picking pattern:
    C                Em               Am               Am          G

F                    F                        C             E
  now I dream of the sky running towards me, liquid like an ocean
F                      F                 C           E
  my little brother is there and I carry him like a newborn
F                     F                 C               E
  it seems I'm always lifting him to escape from rabid beasts and storms
  F               F                      C
behind my eyelids he is light - he's the weight of a quarter
         E            E
but in daylight he is broad and older

C  Em            Am            Am    B    C
oh lord, call me back, back to you I will come,
        Em           Am            Am             B  C
seal my soul like an envelope, use your spit lick it shut
           Em               Am            Am B  C
bring your knives, use your tools, perform open heart
             Em           Am           Am B    C
the water is scalding, so cold that it burns
           Em                   Am      Am   B      C
but when I lay in your likeness how you slay all my hurt
       Em          (Am)
all my hurt, all my hurt
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