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Landon Austin - Once In A Lifetime tab

Sorry for any mistakes! First attempt at tabbing, couldnít find this song anywhere so 
gave it a go.

Tuning Ė Standard
Capo 5th fret

You play Em7 Cadd9 G G/F# but pick like this

       Em7        Cadd9      G               G/F#
Thereís a couple of little licks he does, I havenít quite worked them out but you could 
do            or
E|------------|         E|---0--30----|
B|---0--30----|         B|----13------|
G|----02------|         G|------------|

He does a bridge here as well Play it 
normally up to G, but then thereís another chord. Asus2 maybe? Iíll update this when Iíve got it
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